Green cellhelmet for iPhone 5


  • 4999

  • Includes 1 full year of accidental damage coverage for iPhone 5 (water damage and scratched aluminum excluded)
    • Must register case within 30 days of purchase
  • Fits all new, used, unlocked and jailbroken devices - US & Canadian residents only
  • 24/7 claims - answered by a human
    • Accidental damage?  Call 1-888-814-5968
    • Proof of purchase required
    • $50 handling fee due at time of damage report
    • 3 business days max for repair
    • Over-nighted back at our expense
  • 52 expert and qualified repair facilities in the United States
    • Quality repairs - secured data
  • Unlimited repairs - one replacement 
  • Dense TPU case - plastic/silicone hybrid - does not attract lint
  • Matte finish
  • Made for the pocket - not war
  • Made in America (Pittsburgh area)
    How Cellhelmet Works - Cellhelmet Case for iPhone 4 *cellhelmet cases are not indestructible and should be handled with care. Reckless behavior may result in a damaged device. All claims are subject to a $50 handling fee. The following is not covered: water damage, scratched aluminum, manufacturer defects, faulty operating systems, personalized data, such as contact lists, photos, video and music downloads and customized software, such as personal information, screen savers and software applications. It is the responsibility of the customer to backup all information prior to submitting for repair. cellhelmet covers physical damages to the device only. Consult the manufacturer for malfunctioning operating systems. cellhelmet coverage will last one year from date of original purchase. Must be a resident of the United States or Canada to be eligible for cellhelmet coverage. cellhelmet may be purchased outside of the United States or Canada, but will include no accidental damage coverage. cellhelmet coverage must be registered within 30 days of purchase, by the customer, at Failure to register cellhelmet within 30 days of purchase will void all coverage. Replacement devices may be refurbished. We reserve the right to deny any damage claim. Damages assessed as abuse will be denied. Costs associated with shipping a device in for repair/replacement are the responsibility of the customer. Damages resulting in ‘repair only’ are unlimited. Devices that are deemed beyond repair will be replaced - limit one replacement. All coverage is void after a replacement device is issued. cellhelmet cannot be returned after the registration code has been revealed. All returns must go through the store where cellhelmet was purchased. cellhelmet coverage is non-transferrable and can only be tied to one device. cellhelmet is not to be purchased for the repair/replacement of a previously damaged device. We recommend backing up all data before sending a device in for repair - we are not responsible for lost data. Passcodes must be turned off prior to repair, in order to verify the device and test functionality. Damaged devices will not be returned, when a replacement device is issued. Some repairs may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Find detailed Terms and Conditions at Questions? Contact us at 412-610-0692 or via cellhelmet is a registered trademark of Kane and McHenry Enterprises, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners - NO ASSOCIATION IS CLAIMED. © 2012 Kane and McHenry Enterprises, LLC - All Rights Reserved. Also available on the web at:,,,, and

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