cellhelmet Screen Protectors – A Product With a Guarantee

September 12, 2012

 When we invest a few hundreds dollars into a device, we expect that device to last us at the least a few years; unfortunately, as humans we’re clumsy and tend to damage our screens through various means. A new company, cellhelmet, has stepped up to provide a product that ensures quality protection, high clarity, minimal price, and a guarantee that it works.

We couldn’t agree more:

When you’re spending $20 for a piece of plastic, you better get a guarantee that it’s going to protect your device from scratches.

-Bryan McHenry – cellhelmet™ Co-Founder

Yes, the name is lowercase

     cellhelmet is a newer company which launched their first product earlier this year, the cellhelmet case for the iPhone 4, and due to the success of the case wanted to expand to more devices and provide their protection to as many as possible. With the hopes of expanding their company and quality, we’re now going to see screen protectors available for nearly every mobile device: including mobiles phones and mobile gaming systems.

The Guarantee

     When purchasing a screen protector, many of us know that we’re forfeiting the HD quality of the screen to have protection against scratches in return; however, the new line of screen protectors ensures that you’ll barely notice the film, no mess before or after installation, and there’s no air bubbles. Sounds impossible right? Well, they’re confident that we won’t think so. Beyond that, if a single scratch goes through the screen protector and damages the screen, they will replace the glass on the device at no charge (now there’s the guarantee we’ve been waiting for!).

     Using an alternative program to Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, they are able to launch the product globally (although not the replacement service) at launch starting in September. You can grab an early bird special including 3 screen protectors for your device with a price as low as $12 for phones, and $22 for tablets (only include 2), if you participate in the funding process.


Via [Droid Nerds]