iPhone Protection and Credit Card Deals

September 13, 2012


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Break your iPhone in this case...and they’ll send you a new one. Finding the right doctor is key, and this search engine helps you find the best care at the right price. This online tool will help keep your identity safe if you lose your wallet, and don’t leave home without the latest iPhone app from American Express. And enter to win a trip to the summer Olympics in London.

On the Case

IPhone owners looking for a durable case for their iPhone 4 or 4S will want to check out The company makes a heavy-duty case called the “Cellhelmet,” for $44.99, and the price tag includes a full year of accidental damage coverage; if they can’t repair your Cellhelmet-covered iPhone 4 or 4S, they’ll send you a new one. 

Repairs are unlimited with coverage, but you’ll only get one replacement per policy. You can even personalize your Cellhelmet with a choice of backplate covers. Order yours here.

Finding Good Help

Have you ever wished you could bargain shop while searching for a doctor? Now you can with Health in Reach. 

This site is dedicated to helping consumers find affordable health care in Southern California, and, it just went national by merging with a similar site called PriceDoc. The combined company gives consumers the ability to determine their out-of-pocket expenses before paying a visit to the doctor, and research how much common medical procedures normally cost, on average. 

Users can compare prices and book appointments online while saving up to 50%. The site surveys medical, dental, and vision providers, and lets users share feedback after an appointment. Check it out at

Deals from AMEX

American Express (AXP: 57.27, +0.04, +0.07%) just launched a new feature on its iPhone app that finds daily deals for you based on your spending habits and your location. 

Aptly named “My Offers,” the feature offers discounts according to the amount spent on certain items. In other words, if you spend $25 at your local dry cleaners, the deal would be a 25% discount. To take advantage of the deal, simply use your American Express card to make a payment. You’ll see the savings within the next few days. Download the free app here.

ID Security

Speaking of credit cards, what would you do if you lost your wallet? We all panic, but a new site called Wallet Garden will keep all of the necessary information about the contents of your wallet so if you ever need to call and cancel your cards, all you need to do is log in. 

Wallet Garden serves as a place to store all of the important numbers associated with the plastic in your wallet. The best part? It’s free. Sign up here.

Olympic Giveaway

Want to go to London to cheer on the USA during the Summer Olympics? You just might be able to, thanks to United Airlines. People who visit can enter to win two roundtrip tickets to London, plus accommodations and tickets to the games. The grand prize is limited to just three winners, and 17 first-place winners will get two domestic roundtrip tickets. The contest is only available for a limited time, so enter now! 

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