Cellhelmet is Back, This Time With Screen Protectors!

September 13, 2012

 Some of you probably recall our previous giveaway from cellpig, which was the cellhelmet TPU case. The case comes with a one-year guarantee that if your iPhone is harmed while in the case (excluding water damage), the iPhone could be replaced or repaired by the company.

Cellpig is back with another project that needs a jump-start; now manufacturing screen protectors as well as cases. This means you can double your protection by protecting not only the back of your device, but also the front – a very sensitive area of your iPhone. What’s more is the screen protector comes with the one-year guarantee (for U.S. and Canada residents) that if your iPhone’s screen is scratched while their screen protector is on your device, cellpig will replace your screen for you. You only need to cover handling costs.

Cellpig’s new cellhelmet screen protector is crafted out of PET material, which is the same kind of plastic that makes up the modern plastic water bottle. They’re extremely clear, so there won’t be any issues with screen clarity and they won’t make it any harder to use touch gestures on your screen like some other unnamed screen protectors can. Cellpig even promises no bubbles when applying your screen protector.

Cellpig will be covering a full list of electronic devices including the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. Android devices such as smartphones and tablets are included in the list. Cellpig also promises to have screen protectors for the next generation iPhone when it comes out and even for the rumored miniature iPad.

When finally brought into the market, cellpig's screen protectors will retail between $19.99 and $29.99 depending on the device you're buying it for. Cellpig is currently trying to fund the project on Indiegogo. For a guarantee as good as theirs, why not help them out?!

Via [Modmyi]