cellhelmet iPhone 4S Case Review

September 13, 2012

 There are many cases out there that offer maximum protection from just about anything under the sun. While a couple of them really deliver on their promises there has yet to be an iPhone case that offers an accidental damage coverage along with case itself. That’s what the cellhelmet case offers with its 1 year damage coverage assurance. Continue ahead for the full review on the cellhelmet case and see how it fairs after putting it through its paces.

There are other cases out there such as a LifeProof or Otterbox case that give you a huge amount of protection from drops and even water. However the cellhelmet case is the first on the market to offer a 1 year accidental damage coverage assurance against anything you throw its way besides water damage. Keep in mind this is only against ACCIDENTAL drops so I would doubt they cover anything if you damage your phone purposely which I couldn’t imagine you wanting to do anyways.

The first step once you get your cellhelmet case is to register your case for its 1 year coverage with the included registration code card. Just call the phone number on the card and scratch off the field for your registration code and follow the directions to register it and your good to go. Keep the card somewhere safe if anything should happen to your phone you will want to have your code and cellhelmets phone number handy. You will want to make sure you register your case with them within 30 days of purchase to ensure you will be covered.

The cellhelmet is made of a very strong and sturdy plastic material that is unlike a plastic I have seen before in an iPhone case. The plastic is extremely rigid and tight ensuring your iPhone and the cellhelmet will morph perfectly for a nice fit. The entire outer of the case is very smooth to the touch and very grippy which will ensure you hopefully won’t have to take them up on their 1 year coverage. The cellhelmet case is also made entirely in the good ol' USA so big thumbs up to them for that.

They also provide interchangeable PVC backplates along with your case to give your iPhone a little touch of customization. The backplates act as an additional layer of glass protection as well which is nice.

Installing your iPhone into the case is fairly easy and once in fits like a glove. There is absolutely no room for anything to get in between your iPhone and the cellhelmet case. This is one of the reasons I like this case so much is that its stays so compact and tight it never bulks your iPhone up at all like with the other super protective iPhone cases out there.

Everything is covered on your iPhone besides your actual screen which is kind of a bummer. Even though the main selling point of this case is that its covered if you happen to shatter the screen it would be nice if they somehow included a front screen protector in the design of the case to just give you that extra piece of mind. Just because the iPhone is covered by the insurance along with the case I don’t want to have to take them up on that claim down the road if I don’t have to.

All of your ports and buttons are easily accessible all around the phone with no problems charging or using 3rd party headphones. The lock button is covered with a very different design that I have not seen in another case. The raised plastic cover ensures an easy press of the lock button no matter the angle.

If you do happen to damage your iPhone while using the case the process is simple to get it to them for repair. Give them a call at the number listed on your registration code paper and one of their customer service reps will let you know what you need to get your iPhone to them. You pay a $50 handling fee to send your iPhone to them and it will be repaired or replaced if the iPhone is deemed unrepairable within 3 business days and will be overnighted back to you. Very good stuff from the people at cellhelmet if I do say so myself. Considering other insurance companies still charge more for a handling fee of sending it to them and you don’t have to deal with monthly fees with cellhelmet it’s a no brainer to get one instead of using an insurance coverage service.

Like I said the overall profile of this case is really outstanding. Hands down you will not find another case that offers this much protection with a profile this slim. The case while it may look a tad bit uncomfortable to hold is actually not bad even after long use I got used to the raised corners of the case and it wasn’t an issue. I can definitely say the people over at cellhelmet are doing great things and I hope they continue on their mission of producing top level protection cases that offer a replacement guarantee in the slimmest form factor possible. Go check out the several different color options they offer and get one immediately if you’re at all worried that slippery piece of Apple goodness could one day fall to pieces.

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