Broken iPhone in a Cellhelmet Case — Get a New One!

Safest level of protection with Cellhelmet cases

Mike Kane — Executive director of Cellpig mentioned:

"We wanted to create the strongest iPhone case on the market. However, intelligent design, understood: in fact, we have reproduced what can be found on each shelf - a large and unwieldy box, which is inconvenient to carry in your pocket. Then we decided, 'Why not create a slim and sleek carrying case with an average defense, but the promise to pay for repairs for damage to your smartphone inside?".

In other words, the Cellhelmet is the only case which protects the iPhone from the outside and inside! The product is made of dense polyurethane rubber and has special corners that reduce damage from falling device. The case can be used for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

The company promises to repair or replace your broken unit within three days and sent by mail. The service "insurance" costs just cost $ 50 per year.

Now, do you think that your iPhone is More Secured?