News guarantees replacement if damaged


Don't you just hate when you get a crack in your cellphone? A company called by three guys from Greensburg has a solution.

The powers of their creation, the cellhelmet, can be seen in a funny video commercial on YouTube.

Channel 4 Action News anchor Sally Wiggin said Brian McHenry, Mike Kane and Dave Artuso came up with the video to poke fun at phone covers that they tried to develop a couple of years ago.

"It started out like a brick. It was something that wouldn't fit in your pocket. It was something that people had done before," McHenry said. "Then we figured, forget that. Let's just make it sleek and slim and simple, back it with a guarantee, and if it breaks, we'll fix or replace it."

Focusing on the iPhone 4 and 4S, the group came up with the cellhelmet and the never-before-done practice of repair and replace.

"Basically, a certain amount of every single sale goes towards an account which is kind of like our safety net," Kane said. "When someone has an accidental damage, they file a claim and we repair their phone with that money."

The cellhelmet costs about $44 and is locally manufactured and repaired or replaced.

There is a $50 handling fee if someone files a claim. The guys say that's done to discourage people from inflicting intentional damage.

Via [WTAE]