Cellhelmet Screen Protectors, because when something is pitched to us as “bad ass” we sometimes have to take a look

And no, that is not an open invitation for other PR companies to start using the term bad ass in their pitches. In fact, a Gmail filter will soon be set up to block just that. But for this, it slipped in and caught my attention and well, here we go. Not to mention the Cell Pig logo, how can you not like that?

On a slightly more serious note though, these cellhelmet screen protectors are an indiegogo project and have yet to be fully funded. In fact, as of this posting the company has $1,205 in pledges and with 15 days remaining — is still short of their goal of $10,000. The pledges begin at $10 for a t-shirt and then climb a few bucks to $12 for a phone or gaming device screen protector.

That all being said, if you happen to be curious you can follow that via link below and see the full set of details for each pledge level. But if nothing else, we urge you to watch the video below to see what the company is all about.

Via [Technology Tell]