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Check Out The First Screen Protector To Offer FREE Glass Replacement For Your Smartphone/Tablet

September 13, 2012

Back in February we told you about a brand new case being developed by CellHelmet on KickStarter that offered to replace your iPhone if it broke or became damaged inside one of their cases for a $50 handling fee. Now the folks over at CellHelmet are back with a brand new project – the first screen protectors to offer you a free glass replacement for your smartphone/tablet for 1 year.

In order to make this possible CellHelmet has teamed up with 39 repair facilities across the country that will handle all claims. This means if you ever actually scratch your smartphone or tablets screen while it is being protected with a CellHelmet Screen Protector you simply call a toll-free number where you will be guided through the easy repair process. Keep in mind that all claims are subject to a $25/$35 handling fee, which is still much better than having to actually pay to replace the glass yourself. 

You can’t go wrong combining a great screen protector made from PET material (the same stuff that plastic bottles are made from) with the added peace of mind that your gadget is absolutely guaranteed protection for 1 whole year. So what are you waiting for? CellHelmet is currently in its funding period over on Indiegogo for their screen protectors and they need all the help they can get to reach their $10,000 funding goal. 

By Jaden Ellett, August 13th, 2012