Cellhelmet iPhone Case Launches With Guaranteed Protection, Comical Commercial

There are innumerable iPhone cases out there designed to offer serious protection for your Apple handset. Unfortunately, the vast majority are bulky, heavy, and needlessly complex. And most of the time, they’re downright ugly to boot. Sure, they get the job done, but sometimes that’s just not good enough.

But when this little piggy went to market, he came home with something totally different:

Made by the fine folks at Cellpig, the successfully Kickstarter-funded Cellhelmet is a simple, snazzy, polyurethane (TPU) case that ups the ante by offering full accidental damage coverage for your precious, delicate iPhone 4/4S. How’s that, you ask? It’s simple: Just purchase a Cellhelmet for $44.99 and you’ll receive an entire year of guaranteed protection. With unlimited repairs and even an outright replacement as part of the deal, the Cellhelmet offers a tremendous value for all “uncovered” iPhone customers. Yeah, there’s a $50 deductible if you somehow smash your iPhone to bits, but that beats $600 any day of the week.

This pig is definitely fly!

Via [AppAdvice]