New Cellhelmet Screen Protectors Offer Unique One-Year Guarantee

Cellpig stormed to market earlier this summer with its unique Cellhelmet iPhone case. And the company is back at it once again with another iOS device accessory – a screen protector.

Well-known for its product videos, the company has made a laugh-out-loud spot for its new creation. Click Here if you can’t see the video.

If you scratch your device’s glass with the screen protector installed, the company will replace the glass. All claims are subjected to a $25 or $35 handling fee, but Cellhelmet will overnight your device back to you once the device is repaired. That’s a lot cheaper than having Apple, or even a recognized repair shop, replace the glass.

The protectors are formed from PET, the same material that plastic bottles are made of. There is also no need to use liquids to install the protector. Once removed, there will also be no sticky residue.

Cellpig says its product won’t have one of my major gripes with screen protectors – those annoying air bubbles.

And this time Cellpig is turning to Kickstarter competitor indiegogo.

Right now, you can pick up three Cellhelmet screen protectors for any of a long list of phones (including the iPhone 4S and next-generation iPhone) for just $12 You can snag a three-pack of protectors for any generation iPad or even the iPad mini for $22.

While the campaign does have a $10,000 goal, the page states that the flexible funding project will receive all the funds contributed by Wednesday, Sept. 12. So make sure you really want one of these screen protectors if you pledge.

Just like the iPhone case, the screen protectors do look very interesting. And a three pack for $12 is a great deal. But while I’m sure the solution will help protect your iOS device’s screen, I am interested to see how the clarity stands up and whether installation is really that easy.

Cellpig says the protectors will ship in September.