The Cellhelmet Is The Only iPhone Case That Guarantees Your Device Is Covered


The cellhelmet case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is a one of a kind. It’s the only case that comes with a 12-month accidental damage warranty that covers the device itself. Drop your iPhone while it’s in a Cellhelmet and if it breaks, makers cellpig will have it repaired or replaced for a $50 handling fee.

There’s no monthly fee — you just pay the $44.99 for the case and you’re covered for a year, negating the need for a dedicated insurance plan.

No other iPhone case offers that kind of guarantee, and for Cellpig to become the first, they must be pretty confident in the Cellhelmet. So what’s so special about it?

Well, it’s made from a dense polyurethane rubber that’s specially designed to provide the best all-round protection for your device. The case is thicker around the sides and the edges so that if you drop it, it’s more likely to bounce than it is to break.

The Cellhelmet also protects the bottom of your device around the home button, and provides access to all of your buttons, cameras, and ports. It’s available in a clear and a smoky TPU, and each one comes with two colored back plates, so that you can quickly change its look.

The Good

The thing that pleased me most about the Cellhelmet was its size. Despite being super strong, it’s still incredibly slim. It measures just 12.38mm thick, and 68mm wide. So while it does add a little bit of bulk to your iPhone, it’s only about as much as you’d expect from any case.

That’s pretty surprising when you consider how durable this thing is. I stuck an old, water damaged iPhone 4 inside it and had some fun rolling it down the concrete steps outside my house, and dropping it onto the floor — attempting to simulate a real world drop.

While the Cellhelmet came away with a few dings and scratches, my iPhone didn’t feel a thing. There were no noticeable marks on its display, and it was still intact. It’s safe to say the Cellhelmet has got you covered, then.

The Cellhelmet isn’t the prettiest iPhone 4S case in the world, but for one that’s designed with protection in mind, it’s not ugly, either. What’s more, its angled edges mean it fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

The Bad

It’s not all that comfortable to hold, however. The bottom edge of the device, particularly those protruding edges, are a little rough, and so they do become uncomfortable if you’re resting them against your fingers while you’re holding your device.

Also, I couldn’t quite understand the need to have the sleep/wake button covered up. It’s not all that easy to press inside the Cellhelmet. There’s already enough protection around it, so I think the button itself could have been left exposed — like the headphone jack and volume buttons are.

The Verdict

It’s not easy to review the Cellhelmet, because it’s not only the case you get for that $45 price tag. You also need to take into account the 12-month accidental damage warranty, which means your iPhone will be repaired or replaced if it breaks inside the Cellhelmet (providing you live in the U.S. or Canada) — no other iPhone case comes with this.

The case itself is great. It’s not the prettiest, as I’ve said, but it does a fantastic job of protecting your device. And alongside that guarantee, it’s hard to find better value for money. My iPhone insurance plan costs me £12 (approx. $19) per month, but as long as I’m using the cellhelmet, I don’t need it.

Rating: 5/5

Via [Cult of Mac]