cellhelmet Screen Protectors Offer Screen Replacement Guarantee


If I were to tell you that you can buy a screen protector that comes with a screen replacement guarantee, you might think I’m crazy. What company in its right mind would pay for a costly screen replacement just because someone manages to scratch their screen through a thin piece of plastic intended to protect it from keys and other dangers lurking inside the average user’s pocket?

cellhelmet is a relatively new brand, but it is no stranger to making outrageous promises with its products. The original cellhelmet, a Kickstarter project that managed to raise over $19,000 for the young company, came complete with guaranteed protection covering the phone from any damage that wasn’t water-related.

I spoke with Mike Kane, the CEO of cellpig.com (the parent company behind cellhelmet) to ask why the cellhelmet line was created and how the idea came about.

“The cellhelmet brand stemmed from our involvement in the industry — we’ve been operating for a couple of years as cellpig.com.” He continued, “The guaranteed protection hook came from our realization that so many companies are offering monstrous cases and simple screen protectors, promising that they can handle this and that, but in all reality — when your phone does break or scratch — who is responsible?”

He went on to point out that paying $50 for a case and $20 for a piece of plastic film seems a little outrageous when the companies can’t promise that these things will actually keep your phone from breaking. Standing behind your products as a manufacturer is important. This is one of the fundamental principles behind the creation of cellhelmet.
What Does It Do?

With the cellhelmet screen protector, that same guarantee is made specifically to your screen. Scratches happen, and unless the screen protector is made out of some indestructible bulletproof technology delivered to Earth by Clark Kent’s extended family, a scratch taking place through a screen protector is not unheard of. It’s for that reason alone that guarantees such as these can really come in handy. You never know when (as the video shows above) an escaped inmate will sneak up behind you with a screw and put a gouge in your iPhone’s screen.

The cellhelmet screen protector is made from PET, a plastic commonly found in water bottles. It’s known for its durability, though it doesn’t actually come from the planet Krypton.
What Devices Does It Cover?

A complete list of devices covered by cellhelmet screen protectors can be found here. This list includes BlackBerries, Apple’s iPhones and iPads, the Galaxy Nexus, HTC’s entire current smartphone lineup, Samsung’s Galaxy family of Android devices, LG, and Motorola handsets. Yes, even the Nokia Lumina 900 has a cellhelmet screen protector made for it.
What’s the Catch?

As with anything, there is some fine print. The folks at cellhelmet reserve the right to deny any claim if intentional damage is evident. For example, it’s fairly easy to tell when someone has done a series of “tests” to check the strength of the screen protector.

Water damage is also not covered, but wouldn’t be anyway since the screen protector’s guarantee only covers the glass in the event of scratches.

A $25/35 (phones/tablets) handling fee may be assessed in order to receive and return your phone after repairs have taken place. Repairs take three business days to complete.

The warranty lasts one year from the date of purchase, and all purchases must be registered through cellpig.com within 30 days in order to qualify.
Where Can You Get One?

Currently, the cellhelmet screen protectors are being offered for preorder through an Indiegogo project intended to fund the initial manufacturing run. This allows you to pick one up for a pretty big discount from the $19-29 they’ll be once the actual product becomes available for standard purchase. You can also go through cellpig.com, which is the parent company behind the cellhelmet brand, and buy one for yourself after the initial Indiegogo run has completed.

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