Protect Your iPhone 5 Against Vikings With The Next-Generation CellHelmet Case


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Do you remember when that viking ate your iPhone? Okay, maybe it wasn’t a viking, in fact I really hope it wasn’t, but I am sure you can remember a time when you dropped your iPhone and cringed in horror as it hurdled towards the floor. Hopefully the said iPhone was protected with a case and ended up being fine, but sometimes even a case has its limitations… that is unless it is a CellHelmet.

Besides having some entertaining commercials, the CellHelmet case for your iPhone is one of the only cases to guarantee its wellbeing for a whole year. That is right! When you purchase a CellHelmet case your iPhone is protected from accidental damage for a whole year while it is inside the CellHelmet case. This applies to both Jailbroken and non-Jailbroken devices and those residing in the US or Canada.

CellHelmet has even just launched their brand new case for the iPhone 5 that is their slimmest case yet. Unlike a lot of cases that end up making your iPhone looks like a brick, CellHelmet personally guarantees that their cases are “made for the pocket – not war.”

It is important to keep in mind that the CellHelmet case does have some terms and conditions for its warranty. First of all it only covers cosmetic damage and not water damage. If you are buying a CellHelmet for the iPhone 5, the warranty excludes scratched aluminum (heck, if this was included everyone would purchase this case just to get a new iPhone). All claims are also subject to a $50 handling fee.

Does a bodyguard flee from their client when trouble arises? Of course not!

A case for any gadget is just like a bodyguard and the fact that every other case manufacture flees from the scene if the gadget its product is supposed to be protecting breaks should make one seriously hesitant of buying any other case brand again. To sum things up, CellHelmet makes every other iPhone case look bad.

The CellHelmet case should be on every iPhone owners wish list this Holiday season. For more information on CellHelmet visit their official website. What do you think of CellHelmet? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

Via [iJailbreak]