Cellhelmet: An Insured Approach To Indestructable

December 03, 2012

Mike Kane wanted to make an indestructible iPhone case.

He thought about materials, “We’ll make it from Titanium.”

He thought about wowing customers with marketing. “We’ll run over it with a car.”

But, here’s the problem: an indestructible iPhone case is as svelte as a concrete brick. And, nobody wants to carry a brick in their pocket.

So, rather than innovating around materials and design, Kane decided to protect his customers’ iPhones with service. His company CellPig introduced the Cellhelmet, world’s first and only case to protect the iPhone 4 and 4S against physical damages. If a phone accidentally breaks inside a Cellhelmet, CellPig will see that it’s repaired. If it’s beyond repair, they’ll replace it.

“It’s a slim and sleek case with a little more protection than the average,” Kane said. “But, the magic is in the accidental damage coverage.”

The Cellhelmet is $45, about the same price as other high-end iPhone cases. If a phone is damaged inside the case and a claim is filed, the customer must pay a $50 handling fee. But, compare that $50 to the $650 cost of replacing an iPhone not eligible for an upgrade.

Providing an accidental damage coverage policy means CellPig is taking on a new customer service challenge, which Kane said the company welcomes.

“We’re definitely going to be getting more calls,” Kane said. “But, we want people to call us if there’s an issue. We put our phone number on everything we do.”

Claims associated with the Cellhelmet can be filed 24 hours a day and are expected to be settled within three days, Kane said.

Unlike most other options currently available on the market, Cellhelmet’s accidental damage coverage protection also protects new, used, unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 4/4S’s.

STELLAService EXCELLENT rated CellPig is currently taking pre-orders for the Cellhelmet and expects to begin shipping on April 2.

Via [Happy Customer by StellaService]