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Cellhelmet for iPhone 5 – The Only iPhone 5 Case With Built-In Damage Coverage!

December 03, 2012

We’ve told you in the past about the unique cellhelmet iPhone case, which comes with complementary repair coverage if your iPhone gets damaged while using it. Now the folks behind cellhelmet are back at it once more, this time with a new case for the iPhone 5!

Each cellhelmet case costs $50 USD, and comes with a full year of accidental damage coverage – that’s some great piece of mind! The case is pocket sized, and is available with several different colors  so you can pick the color that suits you best!

As the video below illustrates, if you are having problems with vikings eating your iPhone, then cellhelmet is for you! Checkout the official cellhelmet website for more details, or to buy a cellhelmet case of your own!

Via [Mactrast]