Cellhelmet For iPhone 5 Owners

So you have picked up a spanking new iPhone 5, and since this is your first Apple product, you would want to do your level best to protect it against any kinds of damage, be they from knocks, drops or scratches. While an iPhone case is dime a dozen out there, the Cellhelmet for the iPhone 5 is another suitable candidate that you might want to check out – after forking out $49.99 for it, of course. Back in February this year, the Cellhelmet was just a Kickstarter project, so it is nice to see the idea materialize.

In fact, Cellhelmet is back-ordered and will ship once it is in stock – with the Cellhelmet for iPhone 5 shipping out on the last day of this year. Bummer, I guess this means you will be unable to get it in time for Christmas, but we do know you get your money’s worth. $49.99 will come with 1 full year of accidental damage coverage for the iPhone 5 (sans water damage and scratched aluminum, of course), and if you’re feeling patriotic, it is nice to know the Cellhelmet is made in America.