When the Vikings attack, CellHelmet’s got your back!

I’ve got strong Gaelic roots, meaning that some of my great ancestors were indeed Vikings. So I'd like to think that if and when the Vikings were to swarm from the floor that they would spare me (and my iPhone) their wrath. But you never know with Vikings, they are a wily bunch, and one can never be too safe. So with that in mind, take heart, there is hope and salvation!

The folks at CellHelmet are here, with all new CellHelmet cases for the iPhone 5! With my iPhone safely protected by my CellHelmet, I say bring it on you Vikings! Come what may; be it a Viking ground invasion, a Zombie horde shuffling through the ’hood, or just the day to day hazards of mundane life, the CellHelmet is the one case that will guarantee your iPhone gets quickly replaced if it should break while within the case.

Yep, you heard me right! The good folks at CellHelmet have a one of a kind offer for you; if you buy their case, which is very affordably priced at $50.00, and should any damage occur to your iDevice while its in the CellHelmet case, then for a service and handling fee of $50.00 they will either repair or replace your iDevice. The good news is that the iPhone is an incredibly well-built and solidly designed wonder of modern technology, and it is NOT an easy thing to break, even without a case on it. The even better news, is that with CellHelmet’s shock and impact absorbing iPhone 5 case, your iPhone is even less likely to see any misfortune befall it. And of course, the best news is that if, in the unlikely event that your iPhone is damaged in the case, you can rest assured that you will have a new iPhone in your hands just as fast as the mail carrier can deliver.

Along with the CellHelmet for the iPhone, you can also pick up screen protectors from CellHelmet that also come with their own protection guarantee. With the CellHelmet screen protection for the iPhone 5 you have the additional guarantee that your screen won't get scratched with the CellHelmet screen protector on, and if it does, CellHelmet will repair it. Even more good news; the CellHelmet lineup also includes cases for the still popular iPhone 4/4S as well as the iPad. So you can have the same great piece of mind apply to all your iDevices.

Save money on those insurance plans the cellular providers offer, and rest assured that whatever should happen to your iPhone (or iPad), if it’s in a CellHelmet when calamity strikes, not to worry. In fact, while the CellHelmet may not be the most ruggedly designed, bulky, tank of a case, it also comes with a guarantee that no other company offers, even the big name companies that tout how heavy-duty and protective their cases are. It is interesting and noteworthy, that no one else in the iPhone case market stands behind their case’s integrity like the folks at CellHelmet do. With the CellHelmet your iPhone has an unbeatable guarantee that it will be restored and returned to you good as new.

The CellHelmet for the iPhone 5 is available HERE for $50.00, and if you can't see the embedded CellHelmet Viking video (whcih would explain why you didn't get my oh-so-funny Viking references) at the top, click HERE.

Via [iPhone Life Magazine]