What is it?
-The program is designed to allow brands and individuals to generate revenue without risk or labor by leveraging cellhelmet’s customization platform and promoting it within their audience or member base.


Step 1:
-For your landing page, provide a main profile image and a bio paragraph, as well as a logo if you have one. You will also upload design images for 4 custom skus that we will use to create your case and power bank images from. Your page will be set up within 5-10 business days and ready for traffic. Click for example page.

Step 2:
-Create a cellhelmet affiliate account at Be sure to set up your paypal information so you can be paid easily for the sales that you help to generate!

Step 3:
-Begin promoting the opportunity to your channel in the ways that have been most impactful to your audience. Our experience has been that the most honest and authentic approach is typically best and repeated impressions are most effective. All orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.

Step 4:
-Work with your cellhelmet designated Account Manager to help you maximize your earnings on an ongoing basis with successful strategies and campaigns to support your efforts.

Revenue Sharing
-cellhelmet will pay a 20% revenue share for all sales that originate through your cellhelmet landing page. Commissions are paid out on a net 30 basis from the date of invoice.

Coupon Codes
-Coupon codes may be provided and can be established by working with your cellhelmet Account Manager.

-If you are an agency representing multiple influencers, please see your cellhelmet Account Manager as the above steps will be slightly different based on your business model.

Terms & Conditions
-Please see all program terms & conditions at