Power Banks

Fortitude for iPhone 14

The coolest way to protect your iPhone, because you get to design it. Make it match an outfit or just use another picture of your dog, because we know you have 9,374 photos of her on your phone.

You take care of the look, we'll handle the protection. We started with a hard outer shell with a deep chiseled pattern for added grip, and a raised bezel to protect your screen. Then we added a Pyramid Protect pattern plus Cross-Edge diffuse inside to help with impact dispersion and heat dissipation.

Oh, and it also has built-in MagSafe® technology. Plus, it scored a 16’ drop test certification. Our proprietary protection was created for your favorite iPhones, available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Fortitude for Galaxy S22

You know that case we talked about above? For the iPhone? We have it for your Samsung Galaxy S22, too. Choose your color, drop in your favorite image or design, and BOOM! You just ordered the best case you didn't know you needed.

Power Banks

OK, so your phone looks great, but what about that battery life? Our portable power banks hold the extra charge that your devices just can’t carry. They’re durable, small enough to fit in a purse or your back pocket, and powerful enough to charge multiple devices at once.

High Quality UV Prints

Your photos are crisp. Your designs pop, especially against the color of case that you chose. There really are no limits to what you can do with our custom-printed cases. Just a few pointers, though:

1 - Make sure the photo is crisp and clean before you submit it, because the print will look just like the photo

2 - Don't submit anything that is is trademarked or copyrighted. We can't print those!

3 - Tell your friends about us, because we want them to be cool, too.