Power Banks

Fortitude for iPhone 14

It's our toughest case for your most challenging hunt, wrapped in your chosen KRYPTEK tactical camo print. We started with a hard outer shell with a deep chiseled pattern for added grip, and a raised bezel to protect your screen. Then we added a Pyramid Protect pattern plus Cross-Edge diffuse inside to help with impact dispersion and heat dissipation.

Plus, it scored a 16’ drop test certification. The FORTITUDE case's proprietary protection is the perfect tool to meet a true sportsman's mobile demands.

Fortitude for Galaxy

Yep. You can get the same tactical prints and protective coverage for Samsung Galaxy, too. Choose your preferred camo and know that your mobile device is as prepared for the wilderness as you are.

Power Banks

The perfect phone still has one weakness - it's battery life. Not anymore. Get that same KRYPTEK camo print on our portable powerbanks. Charge them up, toss them in your rucksack, and hit the trail knowing that your phone's battery life won't limit your adventure.

They even come with multiple charging ports, so when you set up camp with your crew, everyone can rest up and wake with a full-charge.

Custom Creations, Your Mobile Trophy Case

Your case for the hunt is taken care of, and the trophy has been bagged. Show it off on a custom-printed case or powerbank with an ultra-crisp full-color print.

Customize Your Own

Customize Your Own