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Altitude X Pro Series for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G - Clear

$300 full phone repair guarantee! Yes, you read that correctly! Slim design, perfect protection, attractive colors, and patented technology, all backed up by a $300 full phone repair guarantee! Altitude Pro Series, by cellhelmet, gives you all of those things, with the full faith and backing of $300 in protection. Should you break your phone while it's protected in our Altitude Pro Series case, get it repaired, and get repaid by cellhelmet. It's that easy. There's many options when protecting your phone, Altitude beats them all. Our specialized Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) encases the phone with durable protection, while adding our patented Pyramid Protect and Cross Diffuse drop protect technologies. This impact-certified cell phone case not only protects the phone, but helps you not drop it in the first place, through our No Slip Grip, providing a superior feel and ensuring you hold on tight. Finally, cellhelmet has packed all of this awesome action into a slim, streamlined profile that will easily fit in your pocket or purse. Climb that mountain, overcome those obstacles, and breath in the fresh air of our Altitude X Series case!

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