3000mAh Power Bank

Will charge Lightning and Micro USB devices

0 - 100% on one charge

5000mAh Power Bank

Will charge Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB devices

0 - 100% up to 2 times on one charge

10200mAh Power Bank

Will charge Micro USB compatible devices

 0 - 100% up to 4 times on one charge

Peace of mind in any situation.

Hiking, camping or just a busy day... never worry about stopping to charge your device again. cellhelmet offers three different capacities to meet your needs. Our power banks are engineered and designed to be slim, easy to use and reliable. 4 lights indicate power level so you never have to wonder how much is left in the power bank.


  • Our power banks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • All models are as slim as possible
  • 3000mAh & 5000mAh are similar thickness to the iPhone


  • Charge anywhere, on the go or even simply where plugs are not available
  • 10200 mAh offers up to 4 full charges to a device


  • Never have to wonder how much juice you have left
  • 4 light system indicates charge levels at a 25% increment

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