cellhelmet Aux Cable for iPhone and Galaxy


3.5mm Stereo Auxiliary Cable - 3ft Flat

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Introducing the Lifetime auxiliary cable from cellhelmet. An essential for a variety of electronic devices. They provide an easy and efficient way to connect audio devices to other components, such as speakers or headphones. Auxiliary cables allow for instant playback of your favorite songs and provide crisp sound quality from your connected devices. Whether you’re updating your home theater system or simply want to share music with friends, The cellhelmet 3ft Flat 3.5mm stereo auxiliary cable is the perfect addition.

  • Flat, tangle-free design - 3ft
  • Long lasting, heavy duty construction
  • High-end and modern aluminum ends
  • Designed for authentic sound quality
  • Lifetime Warranty — Covers all damages to the product, wear and tear
    Simple replacement process at www.cellhelmet.com/pages/warranty-replacements
    $9.99 processing/handling fee