Phone repair coverage included with the following products (SKU / UPC barcodes will vary based on phone model and color):


cellhelmet PRO Cases include one year of phone repair coverage for the device being protected. The cellhelmet PRO Cases coverage will reimburse up to $300 toward phone repair. The following are not covered: water damage, scratched housing, manufacturer defects, faulty operating systems, personalized data; such as contact lists, photos, video/music downloads and customized software; such as personal information, screen savers and software applications. It is the responsibility of the customer to backup all information prior to submitting a device for repair. Consult the manufacturer for malfunctioning operating systems. cellhelmet will not be held liable for any repair services performed on the covered device. cellhelmet PRO Cases coverage will last one year from date of original purchase. cellhelmet PRO Cases coverage only applies to residents of the United States. cellhelmet PRO Cases may be purchased outside of the United States, but will include no repair coverage. cellhelmet PRO Cases must be registered by the customer using the device in which the registration applies within 30 days of purchase. Registrations cannot be completed the same day as purchase, registrations must be submitted the next business day. Same day registrations may result in denied claims.

Failure to register cellhelmet PRO Cases within 30 days of purchase will void all coverage. We reserve the right to deny any damage claim. Damages assessed as abuse will be denied. Costs associated with shipping/transporting a device in for repair are the responsibility of the customer. Repair coverage is valid for one repair reimbursement. Case warranties are only valid for one year, after the year new cellhelmet PRO Cases must be purchased for additional coverage. cellhelmet PRO Cases may not be returned after the registration PIN has been revealed. All returns must go through the store where the cellhelmet PRO Cases was purchased. cellhelmet PRO Cases coverage is non-transferable and can only be tied to one device. We do not cover damage that occurs before the registration is completed. cellhelmet PRO Cases is not to be purchased for the repair of a previously damaged device. Some repairs may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Questions? Contact us at 412-610-0692 or via contact@cellhelmet.com.

This coverage applies to individual consumers, and is not applicable to business accounts: such as (but not limited to) school districts, corporate technical departments, and any other business enterprise. If you are purchasing in bulk on behalf of any of the above listed scenarios, you must utilize the cellhelmet Enterprise Business PRO Cases Product (SKU/UPC will vary based on phone model). Failure to do this will void the warranty.