Will it remove any liquid glass that’s on my screen?

Yes, the pastes are used as an abrasive to round off the edges of the scratches on the screen to remove or reduce the scratches. In doing so, any liquid glass that was previously on the phone will be partially removed.

So any liquid glass that was on the screen will be removed. Does that mean the screen repair guarantee that I purchased with my Liquid Glass is voided?

No. This will not affect the screen repair guarantee that comes with cellhelmet’s Liquid Glass + and Pro+.

Can I put Liquid Glass on my phone after I remove the scratches?

Yes, you can put liquid glass on your screen after the process is completed.

Does it weaken the strength of the glass?

The amount of glass being removed is microscopic. That said, any degradation in glass strength would be so incredibly minor that it’s negligible and unmeasurable.

Is it possible to sand a hole in the phone with repeated applications?

Sure, but it would take a very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time. Also, you’d probably have to grind down handfuls of sticks and go through a pint of paste (as well as have an army of humans to keep the motion going). Point is, not a concern.

It says to use 1/4 of each paste, does that mean I have enough for 4 applications?

Depends. If you’re just removing one tiny little scratch, from four different phones, four separate times, maybe.

You suggest 1/4 of the tube per use, what is the shelf life of the opened product?

It’s an oil based product and as long as it’s sealed, it should not dry out.

Can you use the product on plastic unbreakable screens?

No, this product will only work on glass surfaces.

What if I rub too hard, can I crack the screen?

Yes, it is possible to press on the screen hard enough to crack the device.

Does the product expire?


Diamonds are expensive, how is it possible to use diamonds?

cellhelmet purchased a diamond mine in the Congo in 1987. Frost yourselves 😉