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Liquid Glass Screen Protector for tablet devices by cellhelmet


Liquid Glass Screen Protector Plus $300 Screen Repair Guarantee

Sale price$69.99
Type of Device:Phone/Watch


Are you seeking superior protection for your device's screen from scratches and wear? Look no further than the Liquid Glass screen protector from cellhelmet. This innovative nano liquid technology is applied to the display, securing an impenetrable bond to ensure unbeatable defense against everyday use.

Liquid Glass provides exceptional protective coverage for your device's screen, restoring its original look and blocking any potential harm. This product includes a $300 screen repair assurance to help ensure your peace of mind. Furthermore, the application is effortless and speedy, delivering trustworthy protection without any inconvenience.

Forgo the hard work and hassle of applying traditional screen protectors with cellhelmet's Liquid Glass. This unbeatable protection solution utilizes a nano-liquid formula for easy application, creating an invisible finish that ensures maximum protection for your phone. Make the right choice and select cellhelmet's Liquid Glass to keep your device performing and looking its best.


  • $300 screen repair guarantee
  • Strengthens screen glass on a molecular level
  • Durable and scratch-resistant formula 
  • Easy to apply in 10 minutes 
  • For all phones, smartwatches, and tablets 
  • 0.6mL vial of Liquid Glass (1.5mL tablet)
  • Works with all cases
  • Proudly Made in America 



Q: What is a liquid screen protector?

A: Liquid screen protector is a type of screen protector that uses liquid glass technology to create a thin, protective layer on your device's screen. It is applied by wiping the liquid onto the screen and allowing it to dry.

Q: How thick is a liquid screen protector?

A: Liquid screen protectors are typically around 100 nanometers thick, which is much thinner than traditional tempered glass screen protectors.

Q: What are the benefits of a liquid screen protector?

A: Liquid screen protectors are scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and can improve the overall clarity of your screen. They can also be applied to curved screens and have no air bubbles or residue.

Q: How do I apply a liquid screen protector?

A: Cellhelmet's Liquid screen protectors are easy-to-apply by following the installation instructions included with your purchase.  The entire process takes roughly 10 minutes, before use, and will take 24 hours to fully cure. 

Q: Can a liquid screen protector replace a traditional tempered glass screen protector?

A: Liquid screen protectors can provide similar protection to traditional tempered glass screen protectors, but they are not a complete replacement. Liquid screen protectors have a 9H hardness rating on the Moh scale, similar to tempered glass screen protectors. We like to consider liquid class as the last line of defense to ensure that your phone screen is fully protected from all elements. 

Q: What is the $300 Screen Repair Protection Guarantee by cellhelmet?

A: cellhelmet offers a screen repair guarantee where they will reimburse you for the repair of a damaged screen, a $300 value, should your device experience breakage after using their liquid glass screen protector.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hayden S.
Good product.

Easy to apply. You don't notice that it is there. No weird film or sticky. Nice to have the 300 dollar screen repair cost at less than 6 dollars a month.

Awsome product & customer service

I love CellHelmet. I've protected many phones for myself and family members and have saved hundreds of dollars.
I highly recommend it.

Jenn H.
Amazing!!! A MUST HAVE

I have the note 8, curved screen, which has DEFINITELY caused some headaches finding a tempered glass that covers entirely, stays put, doesn't impact touch screen, etc. I had NO IDEA this liquid glass could EVER protect my screen from breaking...A MUST HAVE, makes no sense to EVER use anything else. Above all, if your screen DOES crack or scratch, it's COVERED.