New Startup Asks: Would You Like Coverage With That iPhone Case?


A new startup named CellPig just started producing its first iPhone case, the CellHelmet and we just met up with them at CTIA 2012 to get the lowdown on the company’s service. Here’s the deal: Unlike other case manufacturers, CellPig provides full iPhone coverage with the purchase of its $44.99 thermoplastic polyurethane case. That means if you drop your iPhone and the screen shatters, you’ll just have to file a claim (the company’s coverage partners have 24/7 service) and send in your device for repairs. There’s a small catch, though: You’ll need to spend $50 for the repairs, no matter what. The good news is that that’s actually cheaper than spending $10 – $15 per month for other iPhone insurance options. Plus, most insurance companies don’t insure used iPhones.

You can file as many claims in a year as you need to, but if your phone needs to be replaced instead of just fixed you’ll need to purchase another $44.99 CellHelmet for additional coverage. CellHelmet also covers jailbroken and unlocked iPhones in the United States and Canada, and it’s available now from the firm’s website,

We’re excited for the startup and its idea, but we hope it also begins to offer more customized and fashionable cases, like those available from Speck or CaseMate. For now it’s just offering a clear plastic option and the choice of a color insert.

Via [TechnoBuffalo]