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Top 5 Mobile Tech Gifts for Mom!

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Check out our top 5 mobile tech gifts for mom! From a personalized phone case to a mobile power bank, MagSafe upgrades, phone protection, and a phone cleaner, we've got you covered. Give mom the gift of convenience, protection, and cleanliness with cellhelmet's premium-quality wireless accessories.

We all know it - finding the right gift for mom can be a tall order.  She already has more candles than she can burn in the next decade, and repeating the mani/pedi again is useful, but lacks imagination on your part.  So what do we do?  Why not make sure that her mobile phone, you know - her constant connection to US, is safe, sound and fully powered. Sit tight, buckle up, and check out these fantastic gift ideas! 

#1 - Not Your Average Phone Case!

I’m guessing your mom already owns a phone case, but I'll bet it's not a premium-quality phone case with her favorite picture on it!  cellhelmet makes it incredibly easy to take your favorite photo (kids, pets, vacation, etc…) and turn it into a durable print on the back of her case.  You can even customize your photo with names, sayings, or anything that creates the right sentiment.  Our products are all hand-printed in the United States using a UV Cured InkJet technology that delivers unmatched durability and print quality.  The best part is it ships out to her within 1-2 days of placing your order.  

Mother's Day Special | 30% Off Custom Printed Cases

#2 - Power on the Go

Whether she is sitting at an all-day sports tournament for the kids or juggling the demands of her career and home, sometimes charging her phone is the last thing on her mind.  Sometimes it’s not even her device that is in need of some juice!  (There is one of those kids in every family)  A mobile power bank can provide a ton of peace of mind and be the perfect tool to avoid a major meltdown.  

5k mAh portable power bank by cellhelmet

Powerbanks come in several different capacities that are measured in mAh (milliamp hours).  The largest iPhone models today hold a battery that is just over 4,300 mAh.  What this means to you is that if you have a power bank that is 5k mAh it will basically charge an iPhone 14 ProMax from dead to full with a bit left over (About 1.5 charges for an IPhone 14).  A 10k mAh power bank will charge your phone about 2.5 times before it needs to be recharged.  

If your mom has an iPhone that is MagSafe compatible, a MagSafe compatible power bank is the perfect companion since she can now charge on the go with no cables!

5k portable power bank with MagSafe compatibility by cellhelmet

#3 - Upgrade to MagSafe!

Speaking of MagSafe, now that Apple’s MagSafe technology has been out for several generations of iPhone there is now a litany of accessories available that make your device that much more user friendly.  Don’t have an iPhone?  Don’t worry, add a magnetic ring to the back of your non-apple device and you can join the party too!

My personal favorite is the magnetic snap ring.  This little piece of industrial magic not only gives you a flexible way to securely hold your phone but with the repositioning of the two hinges instantly converts into a stand or even an impromptu “tripod”.  This has saved my bacon trying to take a family photo on more than one occasion.  They even come in a bunch of cool color combinations.

If snap rings aren’t your thing, there are all kinds of other options like wallets, car mounts, desk mounts, and more.

MagSafe Accessories by cellhelmet

#4 - Protection!

Mom always told you to practice safe…. well safe everything, but how well protected is mom’s phone?  This route is a bit more utility than style, but hey safe is the new stylish.  There is nothing quite like a new screen protector or camera lens protector to make sure that her investment is well protected.  Other than general functionality and aesthetics, a well-protected device means one that will fetch top dollar when she goes to turn it in, sell it, or donate it to her kids/grandkids.  Cellhelmet even offers solutions that have a screen repair guarantee that comes with it so if her phone happens to break, she’s covered.  With options in tempered and liquid glass, it’s easy to find an option here that fits.

Liquid Glass Screen Protector by cellhelmet

#5 - Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Is mom the type A clean type?  Well, I’m sure she would be very upset to know that the typical smartphone holds more bacteria than a truck stop bathroom.  Products like cellhelmet’s Distek Max cleaner are isopropyl alcohol based so keeping things up to mom standards makes this a perfect choice!  It even comes in a purse-friendly pump bottle complete with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Distek Phone Cleaners by cellhelmet


Mother’s day is coming around faster than you can say, “junior go back upstairs and clean your room!” so make sure you get your orders in soon.  If you procrastinate you are going to be stuck with a card and a candle from the bargain bin at Dollar General. These gifts can bring families closer together, helping everyone stay connected and ensuring mom's phone is always ready for a spontaneous video call with loved ones.

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